Years ago, anti-reflective, or AR, treatments began as a way to improve the amount of light that passes through the lens, offering the wearer a better visual experience. Today’s premium AR treatments not only reflect light, but they also protect from scratches, oil, reflections, and UV light, meaning that modern AR treated lenses will help keep your patients’ vision safe. 

Our new whitepaper - Driven by patient research - discusses the evolution of AR treatments in detail, as well as detailing the features of Hoya’s new EX3+ premium AR coated lenses. Learn what makes AR treated lenses so much better for your vision in both short- and long-term ways. This free whitepaper features: 

  • A deep dive into what AR does for spectacle wearers
  • How the application of AR on lenses works
  • The role premium AR treatments have in UV protection
  • The benefits of HOYA Super HiVision EX3+ AR treatment including backside UV protection
  • How to educate and sell the benefits of premium AR treatments to your patients

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