Ocular Innovations.
A visionary communication
and education platform.

The most innovative content tool in the industry. 

Introducing a new way to connect with patients and grow your business with the most innovative content tool in the industy. Ocular Innovations unique proprietary mobile centric Patient Experience Platform optimizes the relationship between provider and patient, manufacturer and physician. Rapidly close high-value knowledge gaps across the patient care continuum.

Differentiate your business, build your brand and grow your patient base by:
  • Easily connecting and sharing information via video with your patients
  • Improving patient visit efficiency
  • Develop a pre and post-visit communication and engagement plan

What is included in the Hoya program?

  • Stay Connected with Patients – By using PUSHconnect, staff or the lobby materials direct patients to use their phone’s camera to link to a code unique to your practice. The code serves up educational content customized with the ECP’s brand via text.
  • Social Distancing Solutions – With Engage patients can see the precautions the ECP’s practice takes to keep everyone safe in the most efficient way possible.
  • Simple 5 Star Reviews – Again, using the phone camera and a code, patients are offered a frictionless way to leave their best reviews at the height of delight.