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Local and National news services are keeping us all up to date on the COVID-19 situation in our communities.  At HOYA, while we are complying with state and local mandates to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, we are also striving to make a positive impact in various ways.  Currently, we are working with you, our customers, to aid  in your business operations. Providing vision correction products is an essential healthcare function. We are OPEN FOR BUSINESS and have leveraged our lab network to continue to produce the highest quality lenses to fulfill the orders we receive.

Many of you may have closed or are operating on reduced schedules. We would like to seize the opportunity to provide resources that will be the foundation of making us all stronger when things return to normal.

Resources from Hoya:

- Safety Protocol for Optical Practices (22 pages of advice) click here

- Social Distance Dispensing with Spectangle Pro - Watch recorded FaceBook LIVE event.

Bounce Back Guide with resources and links!

- 10 Free CE Courses

- Digital Eye Strain is on the rise, webinar and white paper to boost your expertise.

- Blog with articles and business advice

- Listing of our laboratories and contact info

- Leveraging Your Unique Strengths (on-demand webinar hosted by Dr. Thomas Gosling)

- Infographic: Tips for alternative greetings (bowing, toe taps and more!)

Ally of the ECP

The simple truth is, together, we can be successful, and apart we cannot. As an ally to eye care professionals, like yourself, we can grow together and provide better eye care solutions.

As THE ally to you, the ECP, we sell to your business, not your patients.

Your skills, practice, and services are vital to the eye health of each of your patients, and we want to enable you with the tools, premium products, and expertise to build your most successful practice.


Business Support and Consulting

Your ally in empowering you to face your business challenges

You have a business to grow, but sometimes that curveball comes that you aren't familiar with. Our team of trained representatives are experts in providing business support and consulting to help you grow your business in fair weather or rainy days.

You can access resources below that support your business growth. You'll find more in-depth information on pricing, labs, customer service, and more:

Hoya Business Review - A customized report for your practice

Customer Service: What it's Like Working with Hoya

Practice Growth

Our first objective is to enable your practice to succeed

You need an ally you can rely on, with the facilities with the supply to meet your demand, the products to amaze your patients, and a willingness to provide support to grow your practice. 

We've created a variety of resources to enable your success, from white papers to webinars and turn-key kits you can start using today. Our team of experts and partners built these resources based on research on important topics like blue light, marketing, and customer service.

Staff Investment

We support your practice through business consulting, staff education, and patient experience tools

The right ally understands that they shouldn't leave you, or your staff in the dark about new products. We invest in your staff because we know that we only succeed with your practice, not in spite of it.

We've put together learning materials, invest in continuing education courses, and more.

Continuing Education Courses:

Triple Defense for Healthy Eye Coppertone Polarized HEV/UV Sunlenses

Sensity Dark and Shine — Expanding Opportunity in the Photochromic Market

Empower U:

A repository of learning for each of our accounts, Empower U helps you focus on growing your practice with new employee training, detailed information on new Hoya products, and business advice and modules about important eye care trends such as blue light and digital eye strain.

Start Learning with Empower U

Patient Experience

Providing you the tools to create an engaging patient experience

Your patients are looking for an amazing experience when they visit your practice. They expect a range of lens technology options, as well as a technological experience. 

Old analog tools make patients lose confidence that they are getting a premium experience. Our mission is to help you create the best patient experience with premium products and technological tools. 

Together we can help your patients experience the world around them in ways not possible before, focusing on eye health and accommodative support. Once again, we bring the products and support to you, and you focus on your patients.

Here are some of our most innovative and reliable technological tools and products you can provide your patients:

HoyaNET is a portal we put together to order your patient brochures, demonstration tools, and sales aids:
Perfect Fit Cutting Edge Technology
In addition to a variety of written resources, you will find a variety of video tools below:

Taking the Fear Out of Onboarding

Making Onboarding Effortless

Onboarding shouldn't be a hurdle for you, yet many companies don't provide support because they aren't your ally. The transition period from one vendor to another can be complicated, with new processes, ordering systems, and sometimes a lack of long term support. You don’t have to fear with us.

We ally with each new practice we work with to make it as seamless and easy. We always start by getting to know your needs and goals. We’ll work closely from building a custom program to providing long-term support tools like Empower U and an extended training schedule.


Let's Get to Work

Ready to form a partnership that enables you to build your dream practice? We are ready to be your ECP-committed ally through thick and thin. We’d love to hear from you and get to work growing  your practice, together:


Investing in YOUR Success: Additional Resources