Digital eye strain is a marked change to the vision care landscape. Never before has humanity been using their eyes in a way they frankly weren’t designed for, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Our eyes in a digital era coverKnowing how to engage your patients in identifying and answering digital eye strain is vital to your continued success in the industry. Learn more about digital eye strain with our new comprehensive white paper, Our Eyes in a Digital Era.

Inside this 60-page white paper, authored by eye care professionals from all over the world, you will find:

  • Broad level information on the new epidemic that is digital eye strain.
  • An overview of visual and ocular symptoms under the CVSS17 perspective.
  • An examination of computer vision syndrome and how it relates to digital eye strain.
  • A quality of life checklist for documenting clinical success.
  • An analysis of optimizing presbyopia corrections.
  • The impact of computers and e-devices on children’s eyes.
  • A survey of near visual function.
  • Clinical performance evaluation of blue light-filtering spectacle lenses.
  • An examination of blue light and its effects on the eyes. 
  • Evaluation Of the efficiency of spectacle lenses with accommodative support and a blue light filter.

Download and review this white paper to have a more comprehensive conversation with your patients on what symptoms they may be facing and the potential solutions.