Let’s build a partnership where we can both grow together. 

Hoya Ally_CP_LP Header

We want to be your ally in growing your practice and providing the best eye care solutions to solve vision health needs. If you are looking for an ECP-committed ally that believes in partnering with you, look no further.

As the ECP-committed ally, we: 

  • Respect your patient relationships.
  • Support your practice with business consulting, education, and patient experience tools.
  • Empower you to control your retail pricing with a simple national pricing list, package pricing, and multiple pair discount programs.
  • Provide exclusive access to new patented technology.
  • Sell lenses through you, not direct-to-consumer.
  • Succeed with your practice, not in spite of it.

Let’s talk – schedule some time with one of our experts today and we’ll discuss how we can work together as allies.