It's time to bust the myth that your patients do not need prescription sunglasses or premium lenses. That's why we've put a series of sun protection white papers together to help you educate patients on the eye health benefits of sunwear. 

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5 Reasons Sunglasses Are Essential for Contact Lens Wearers White Paper Cover5 Reasons Sunglasses are Essential for Contact Lens Wearers

Learn more about the importance of sunwear for contact users. 

Eyes and Sun Damage White Paper CoverThe Eyes and Sun Damage

Get the points to educate patients on the damage sun can do to their most value of the five senses - sight!

How Sunglasses Help with Night Vision White Paper CoverHow Sunglasses Help with Night Driving

We don't mean you should wear sunglasses at night (no offense to Corey Hart). Learn how wearing sunglasses throughout the day can help patients see better at night. 

Winter Sun Protection for Eyes White Paper CoverWinter Sun Protection for Your Eyes

Sunglasses don't stop being useful once the cold months come. 

Sunglasses for Children White Paper CoverSunglasses for Children

Damage from UV and HEV rays is cumulative, and children's eyes are especially susceptible. The best defense is to start wearing sun protection early.